Are You Addicted to Article Writing?

Are you addicted to online article writing? I was once accused of that in a nice way. A very popular Internet copywriting editor said that I was; “Punch Drunk on Article Writing!” Not sure if that is possible, as I am not convinced that it is something I enjoy doing, writing that is. But I suppose many are addicted to something.

In my earlier years as an athlete I was addicted to running, probably that; Natural Runner’s High they talk about with all those endorphins flowing. It is possible and later when racing motorcycles and flying it seemed perhaps I may have been addicted to visual stimulation of motion? Perhaps the; Need For Speed, Top Gun Style?

Who knows, so this brings me to the next case study; Me. So, in the last 15 months I have written 7000 online articles and actually this article is number (6998). So if anyone is perhaps addicted to online article writing well then the profiling would start with me. But let’s stop talking about me and lets talk about your addictions. Are they healthy or unhealthy addictions?

They some people are addicted to love and they; May as Well Face it! Perhaps we could classify that as a healthy addiction. I met someone once who was addicted to winning; Oh the agony of defeat must have been a severe with drawl indeed.

If you have an addiction, which is not so healthy then perhaps you need to get some help for it and of course you know they say the first step is to admit that you have an addiction. Well can you look in the mirror today and ask yourself if you are willing to come clean yet and take that first step? Consider this in 2006.