Without a Diet Plan Your Diet is Doomed to Failure

Most people do not realize that the majority of all dieters fail in their diets. Why? Simply put people do not do the research necessary in dieting or understand How to Choose a Diet. They usually do not realize the variety of diets and that all diets are not created equal. There are low cal diets, ultra low cal diets, high fat, low fat and everything in between. You need to realize that dieting is not something that you will discard once you reach that elusive goal. You will need to be on some sort of maintenance diet the rest of your life. This is not because of you, but of the low quality of foods out their. As you will learn the food companies do not spend their advertising money if didn’t work.

Simply one of the biggest reasons for people failing in their diets is boredom and not understanding what is involved in dieting. As you will learn their are many components that compromise a diet and some things that most people take for granted. What are these?

One of the first fallacies of dieting is that it easy and you do not have to work at it. This will get you every time. Most people do not realize that you need to change not only how you eat but many of your habits and begin to exercise. You have a whole lifetime of building bad habits for your diet and most people feel it will only take a couple of weeks to break these habits. This people will be one of the hardest things you do. The odds are against you in succeeding! Their are companies that will sell you diet books, supplement and dietary aids not in the hope of you losing weight but that you will buy again and again. They do not want a slim people, they would be out of business.

The cards are stacked against you and now you need to learn what the proper steps in dieting are. You need to learn why you can only eat certain foods and how dieting, goal setting, changing your habits and the diet all need to work together in a blueprint for success. On top of all of this you need to be able to stay on the diet and follow it through. You need a diet that will not allow you to get frustrated, take up to much of your time, and have enough variety that you will be willing to stay on the diet well after you have lost the weight. For you to lose weight you do not need to understand how the body breaks down certain chemical compounds and how food fits into this, but you need to know that the diet you are on is one that will give you the best and safest chance for success in dieting. Not every diet does this as you will start to realize. You will also realize that most diets are designed to get you off to a good start in the first few weeks and then gradually fade away. Most people that are writing these books understand that the initial weight loss will sell the books and is usually only water. When you body adjusts to this new diet the weight will gradually creep back up. If the diet was actually a sound program you would loose only one to two pounds in the first week and every week thereafter. You would have components to the diet that will address changing your poor eating habits, a exercise program, goal setting and a diet that fits your tastes and lifestyle.

The first thing is to find out what diet will fit your tastes and you lifestyle. Do you have the time to prepare the meals or are you a danger in the kitchen or you just do not have the time to cook. There are diets out their that are good and can address these types of styles. Do you have family support because this is important. The more people that support you and help you eat the correct foods and do all the other things necessary for you to lose the weight will help make losing weight and keeping the fat off much easier. To have someone to exercise with you, if it lifting weights or walking around the block, having someone to do it with you is always better for you. Having the support will make your journey much easier.

You need to find a diet that gives you all the necessary skills and components to make your diet successful. You need to get a diet that will help you make out goals and also help you in behavioral modification, breaking bad habits, eating the correct foods in the correct amounts and have a exercise program that will be the deciding factor as to how much and how fast you lose weight. When looking for the diet that fits you make sure you have all the necessary information and components that will allow you to succeed. Realize that going on a diet has to be something that you take seriously and work at because it is not easy.