Natural Beauty Care Starts on the Inside

Most of us care about how we look and in order to look good we have to take care of our health, because eventually it shows up in our outward appearance.

If you want to maintain your natural beauty, you need to take care of your overall health. Not everyone is born with natural beauty, but we need to take the best care of what we are given and enhance the naturally beautiful features that we have. There are several steps you can take to make your overall appearance more healthy and attractive.

Women in general are always looking for the newest and best ways to stay young looking and beautiful, therefore, the beauty industry just keeps growing and making new discoveries to help us in our quest.

Millions and millions of dollars a year are spent in the health and beauty care field. The more you show an interest in these areas, the larger the industry grows.

One thing that we as consumers need to know is that we don’t have to have all of these things to look younger or more beautiful. The people that benefit from all of these health and beauty aids are the people who manufacture them and sell them. Don’t always believe what the products claim.

There are so many products such as lotions, creams and make-up that make false claims and we want to believe them, so we purchase those products.

We want to get rid of our wrinkles and fine lines but just be aware that we don’t have to spend a lot of money to be healthy and look good.

The first thing we need to do to feel more beautiful is to take a good look within ourselves and realize that inside of us is where beauty ultimately begins. We don’t have to be runway models or movie stars to be attractive and get the attention of others.

We can be all dressed up, using the most expensive make-up and hair products and even have on a very expensive outfit, but if we don’t have self confidence and know that we have inner beauty these things won’t help.

Most women who are confident, and believe in themselves, naturally draw others to them. They don’t have to have the expensive things to make them outwardly attractive. People will be drawn to them because people love being around confident people. It makes us secure in ourselves. It’s comfortable. If we see our own inner beauty, others will see it too.

Be assured, if you are more of a plain and simple person, and don’t dress up in a flashy manor, don’t be discouraged. You can be just as beautiful or more beautiful than those around you because you believe in yourself.

When you are happy with yourself and take care of not only your outside appearance, but your inner beauty, you will have a healthy self-esteem. That is what will get you everywhere in life. It will be a much happier and healthier life in the long run.

Teenage Depression – Teen Addictions

Addiction is characterised by feelings of intense physiological or psychological dependency on something. The object of addiction usually offers something that the addicted person perceives as positive, even if only for the short term. This can be anything from substances like tobacco or even glue, to activities such as cyber social networking or sex. Experimentation and rebelliousness is perceived to be typical of the teen years, but the problem arises when experimentation leads to abuse and ultimately addiction.

There is a common misconception that abuse, such as the abuse of substances is synonymous with addiction. While abuse often leads to addiction, it is important to distinguish between the two. Abuse indicates that the action is inappropriate either socially, legally or physiologically in a way that puts the individual or those around them at risk. The rebellious nature of teens coupled with peer pressure often results in teens overestimating their tolerance to abuse of substances or activities. This makes teenagers more susceptible the development of an addiction.There are many forms of addiction, but the most common in teenagers would be substance addiction.

Some substances such as heroin or crystal meth are more addictive than others and have more rapidly deteriorating effects on the physical and psychosocial elements of the teenager. The physical addiction results in the teen’s body either becoming reliant on the substance or building a tolerance to the substance that more is required to achieve the same desired effects. The latter usually goes hand-in-hand with psychological addiction. This is when the teen feels overcome with the desire to experience a certain effect elicited by the substance of choice. The teen loses self-control and is overpowered by the need to abuse the substance.

There is a higher risk of substance abuse and addiction in teens who:

  • Have family history of substance abuse
  • Have a poor sense of identity and self esteem
  • Lack drive and motivation to achieve specific goals for the future
  • Live in difficult socio-economic circumstances
  • Engage with negative social circles

It is important to be aware of the signs of addiction in order to identify the teen with an addiction early. Signs that you or someone you know may have a substance addiction include:

  • withdrawal or keeping secrets from family and friends
  • loss of interest in activities that used to be important
  • problems with schoolwork, such as slipping grades or absences
  • changes in friendships, such as hanging out only with friends who use drugs
  • stealing or selling belongings to be able to afford drugs
  • failed attempts to stop taking drugs or drinking
  • anxiety, anger, or depression
  • mood swings
  • changes in sleeping habits
  • feeling shaky or sick when trying to stop
  • changes in eating habits, including weight loss or gain

Finally, it is also important to acknowledge the important role technology plays in the lives of today’s teenagers. While substance abuse remain the most common form of addiction, it is crucial to recognise the growing trend among the new generation of teens to become addicted to some form of technology such as texting or social networking. The same rules of addiction apply, but the difficulty with preventing or remedying technological addiction is that technology has become pervasive in all areas of life.

As with any addiction the key is to provide non-judgemental support. If you suspect a friend or relative of having an addiction, it is important not to approach them with an accusatory tone. By nature teenagers are very defensive and accusing them may drive them further away. The best way is to build a relationship of trust so that he or she feels comfortable to discuss the problem openly. The first step is to get the teen to see that they have a problem followed by the professional services of a counsellor or therapist. The important thing is that addiction is not overcome in isolation. It requires commitment and dedication to get through the most difficult task the teen will ever have to endure.

Which Diet Plan is Best?

Its the beginning of a new year, and now’s the time to get cracking on that diet.

But which one to choose? Well, as most dieticians will tell you, there is no substitute for good, sensible eating & a healthy lifestyle. But lets face it, who can really afford to go to the gym every day. And just how do you fit the recommended 5 portions of fruit & veg into your 3 meals a day?

And in today’s current economic climate, we aren’t just talking about the cost of the fruit and veg, along with the monthly gym membership. We’re also talking about time. We all need to work that little bit longer & harder just to keep our jobs. And I know just how hard it can be to motivate yourself after a 12 hour day into cooking a healthy meal and doing 45mins on the rowing machine – or jogging 5 miles round the block!

And whilst the healthy eating/regular exercise route is probably the best one to choose, lets face it, you don’t see the results straight away. In fact, it’ll probably be a couple of months before you notice any change in your appearance & overall fitness. And that’s where a lot of people fail.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the results overnight, or within 2 days of starting a diet. And isn’t it true that if you could see the results that quickly, you’re more likely to continue with the diet as its plain to see that it is working.

Now there are diets out there that can help you see results in a short space of time, but which one is the best? Well, I can’t help you with that and its something that you really need to decide for yourself. I can, however, give you some idea of what you should be looking out for if going for one of these rapid weight loss diets:

1. Cost. If its hundreds of dollars, and there’s no evidence of results or any indication of the type of food you’ll be eating during the diet, I’d steer clear. Make sure the seller gives you some idea of what you’ll have to eat during the diet before buying the diet plan. You could spend $200 on the diet, and then have to spend another $500 on “special” food in order to do it. For that kind of money you may as well pay for Liposuction! I personally would spend no more than $40 for a diet plan.

2. Food. As indicated above, check out what you’ll be eating (or not) during the diet. If you have to spend hundreds on weird & wonderful ingredients then give it a miss. Go for a diet that uses simple, everyday food – it’ll save you money & you may have it all to hand. I’d certainly avoid those diets which make you eat a “super soup” 3 times a day, or replace all your meals with (expensive) shakes!

3. Duration & frequency. How long do you spend on the diet? How often can you do it? A simple rule of thumb is the longer & more frequent you can do it, then the better it’ll be for you. Whilst a 4 or 5 days crash diet may give you the best results, if you can only do it once a month then it may be the case that vital nutrients are being missed as a way of helping you see instant results.

4. Exercise. Can you exercise during the diet – or does the seller provide you with any advice on what exercise you can do whilst on the diet? Another good indication of how carefully designed the diet plan is.

5. Freebies! Do you simply hand over your cash, and that’s it? Or do you get additional support from the seller? If the seller is passing on free advice or diet & exercise plans to you, then they are more likely to care about the buyer, and how well the diet works. After all, word of mouth is the best way to advertise a good product.

So, just remember to watch out for the unhealthy crash diets, and go for an inexpensive plan which offers free advice and a good, balanced diet.